October 2020 Minutes

Minutes of the October 19th, 2020 Meeting

Call to order: President Rich VanBuren called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m. at the Chester Town Hall. There were 14 members in attendance.

Secretary’s Report: The September 21st, 2020 minutes were accepted as read.

Treasurer’s Report: NEBAT Checking beginning balance is $751.41. The entries were read leading to the ending balance of $10,518.10. The NEBAT savings account beginning balance is $18,966.??. The entries were read leading to the ending balance of $18,968.31. Bills were read: $33.71 reimbursement to Butch Guenther for groomer cleaning supplies, $1,000.78 Brandon Meats (land-owners sausage), $579.60 reimburse to Ryan Sperger for land-owners cheese. A motion was made (Davey VZ) and seconded (Kurt DeVries) to pay the bills. The motion carried. There are 49 memberships to date.

Fond du lac County Report: The FDL County meeting was held Tuesday October 13th, at Fred’s Fastrac. No one represented the club. See attached notes.

Dodge County Report: The DCASC Meeting was held Tuesday October 13th, at The Rock River Tap. Butch Guenther represented the Club. See attached notes.

Old Business: Notice of change for the Board of Directors position held by John DeVries. John DeVries indicated that he was no longer interested, John Hull was approached and stated that he would accept the position. Mike Schwandt from the Marshview Riders ATV club attended the meeting asking for permission to ride ATV’s on the snowmobile trail from the Wild Goose Trail to Waupun. He had already obtained permission from the landowners along that route. Chad Riter from the Country Roads ATV Club reported on the status of the club and roadways available for use. He has asked if our club would allow a link on our Facebook page to be shared regarding the Country Roads ATV club group. Their club members may be willing to assist at the Drift Jumpers events as well. Trails, Some mowing has already been done, some landowners have been approached for permission to put trails on their land and some have been given their appreciation cheese and sausage as well as their coupons for the brat fry.

New Business: Brat Fry Nov 20 and 21 will need some help. John DeVries offered the use of his trailer for the event. Club meeting will be the Monday before the Brat Fry. Groomers were cleaned up and pretty much maintained and ready to go. Kelvin has a couple maintenance items for the units. Decals were put on. Holiday parade is scheduled…date unknown at this time “Home town holiday” or something it was called. We will look into more info. Web site in the last 30 days there was $985 in sales for memberships and sponsorships (Groomer sign ads). Page visits: 122 sessions, 494 pages were viewed. 2 min average stay 72% new visitors, 91% were from the USA. 4 referals from the fdlsa and 12 from facebook. Only 4 days of the last 30 that we have not had a visitor to the webpage. The website has a lot to offer. It has saved Greg from having to visit 74 advertisers a lot of emails have gone out regarding the ads on the drags. A few people have their trail passes already. We plan to have some different food for next months meeting. Kelvin asked for requests regarding soda/beer flavors.

Thanks: to the club for cooking pizzas again for the group.

Adjourn: A motion was made (Chad Riter) and seconded (Mike Schwandt) to adjourn at 8:28 p.m. The motion carried.

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