March 2020 Newsletter

Waupun Drift Jumpers Meeting

March 16th, 2020

@ Chester Town Hall

7:00pm Food, 7:30 pm meeting

      Although we were only open 26 days (Dodge County) vs the 29 we were open last season, it was still a great season!  We hope you were able to ride somewhere.  Even though the trails were closed for the Winter Jam it was a successful one!  Fundraising this year was phenomenal again.  Thanks to all who made it possible!  Donors, ticket sellers, volunteers to get the event prepped and running AND ticket buyers.  For those of you on our email list, I again have attached a list of donors.  I hope you all will look it over and thank them as well. I hope that none were forgotten.  If one was please let me know!  The donor list will soon be posted on the website.

First item to let you know about is that elections are coming for the April meeting.  This year we are looking for nominations for Vice President, Treasurer, and 3 Board of Directors.  Nominations will be opened for the March meeting and again for the April meeting until the election.  If any of you are or maybe interested in any one of these positions let us know, you will be assisted for a short time to get you adjusted to your newly taken position.  The 2020 AWSC Convention is March 20-22 at the Madison Marriot West in Middleton.  Scholarship applications are still available from the Dodge County Association of Snowmobile Clubs (2 $500.00 scholarships are awarded).  Applications are due by April 14th.  Come to the meeting to get your applications. Attend the meeting to sign up for trail removal. We will update you on the LARGE number of members we had for the season as well.  We had a great turnout for the Winter Jam Event.  Come find out how much income the event yielded.  We had a GREAT year!  Enough thanks cannot be expressed to all of those who have been a part of it.  Come to the meeting to share your comments regarding; Trails, events, volunteering, website, or anything on your mind.  Tell your snowmobiling friends that are not club members anywhere that membership is very important!  So please get them to join a club…any club!  Our membership has grown in part due to the trail pass regulations.  We are hopeful for more growth especially in the active member department.

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See you at the meeting! Butch Guenther, Secretary