February 2020 Newsletter

Waupun Drift Jumpers Meeting

February 17th, 2020 Meeting at 7:30pm

@ the Chester Town Hall

Lunch at 7:00pm

ALSO Mark your calendar to attend

Winter Raffle, Feb. 29th, 2020 @ Bridges at the Rock

     Well I hope you were able to ride a little!  Winter is not yet over so we will keep our fingers crossed.  As stated above the Winter Jam is set for Feb. 29th.  At this point we will be starting around 2 p.m.  It is to be held at the Bridges at the Rock (The golf course in Waupun).  There will be food available off their menu if you are interested.  We are planning games for the kids with some prizes and there will be a huge raffle for a large volume of prizes.  We will also be in need of some helpers for the daylong event.  If you can help, let us know.  There is the big CASH raffle again. Get your tickets if you haven’t.  PLEASE CONTACT US to get some and help sell them.  This is one of our bigger fundraising fun events.  There are still some out there to sell. You can pick up some to purchase for yourself, to sell to your friends or if you already have them sold you can drop them off at the Wild Boar Liquor Store. There isn’t much else to let you know about but come to the meeting to see what is still on the to do list. Hopefully you can ride to the meeting and even better would be to be able to ride to the Winter Jam! Please feel free to share your comments regarding the trails with us at the meeting.  If you have photos you want to share either on our website or our Facebook page emails them to me or just put them out there.   Soon we hope to launch the clubs new website as well…Stay tuned!  Hope to see you at the meeting and especially the Winter Jam!


Butch Guenther Secretary, Waupun Drift Jumpers