December 2020 Newsletter

Drift Jumpers Meeting
Monday December 21st, 2020
7:30 p.m. at the Chester Town Hall
Food at 7:00 p.m.
This past few weeks, a handful of club members hit the trails marking/mulching/mowing/brushing hard! Trails are pretty much ready for snow! Thank you to those who helped. With many places having restrictions due to COVID there may not be as many places to stop. I do however anticipate large traffic volumes when we do get to start riding. Should we get measurable snow, here are the numbers for you to call, the Dodge County Trail Status Line at (920)386-3705 and FDL County at (920)929-6840 for their trail status. YOU are responsible to find out if they are open or not. Come to the meeting to find out what is up for the rest of this season! Membership renewals keep coming, and if you are one of those that have not renewed, the sooner you get that done the sooner you can purchase your trail passes for a discount! It will also help be sure you don’t miss an issue of the Wisconsin Snowmobile News. As far as club events go, here are our tentative plans: We hope we will have many wiener roasts somewhere trailside. The club may plan a ride to Johan’s in Richford. February 27th, 2021 is the exact date, and the place is Bridges at the Rock for the Winter Jam. Contact a club member to get your tickets for the CASH Raffle! We sure could use some help selling them! Come to the meeting for more details on the events. COVID may play a role in how our events pan out but we hope to have a great 2020-2021 season. Let’s share the fun of membership with others who enjoy snowmobiling! Help encourage others to come and join the club too!
When the trails open, remember to stay on the marked trail…we need to respect the property that we have asked for permission to ride across. Please remember that ATV/UTV’s are not allowed on the snowmobile trails EXCEPT the Wild Goose State Trail (WGST) in Dodge county only and for the Waupun area, a very small leg from the WGST to the city. ATV rules for the WGST are on the Dodge County trail Status number listed above. Hope to see you at the meeting!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Butch Guenther
Secretary, Waupun Drift Jumpers