April 2020 Newsletter

Waupun Drift Jumpers Meeting was supposed to be

April 20th, 2020 BUT due to COVID19 it is cancelled and all of what was going to take place at it will be postponed until the September meeting!!!

     I hope this newsletter finds every one of you healthy and safe.  Instead of going on some more with this thing we are all “sick” of, I’ll just get to it! We had another great riding season this year!  The last meeting of the 2019-2020 was supposed to be near, and as you can imagine the Drift Jumpers Board of Directors felt it would be better to cancel/postpone things.  Elections will be held at the September meeting.  We are in need of members interested in seeking office.  The positions that are up for election are Vice President, Treasurer, and 3 Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors is a good place to start for those interested in holding office for the first time.  Nominations will be open before the election.  We have Board members Ron Moeller, Dave Vande Zande and Drew Pluim’s positions up for reelection.  Ron, Dave, AJ VanBuren and Andy Sperger have been nominated for the Board so far.   You will however have to help us vote for those who have been nominated.  We also want to thank the nearly 90 landowners for letting us mark trails through their property again this year.  If you happen to see a landowner Thank them for allowing the club to mark trail across their land.

Some dates to remember are: May 12th is the date of 44th Annual Banquet for

Dodge County Association of Snowmobile Clubs (it is still on but that may change…we will keep you posted.)  The Alto Fair will be held August 12th and 13th.  The Waupun Truck N Show is August 14th and 15th. There may be a tractor pull event as well…anyway – we hope some of you are willing to commit early to help at these events.

Lastly, WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE!!!  www.waupundriftjumpers.org has a new look AND new features!  This year is the first year that ALL of our AWSC memberships (and Drift Jumpers membership) will expire as of June 30th!  Therefore, if you like to be ahead of the game you will be able to renew your membership for the Waupun Drift Jumpers right on the website!  Using a Paypal account or your credit card you can renew right there!  Once we get you submitted to the AWSC you can even get pointed to the right direction for your trail passes!  Check out all the Sponsors either on the Drags or those who donated to the Winter Raffle.  If we missed someone who donated, please let us know!  If you spot incorrect things let us know. If you have suggestions let us know!

Happy Easter.

Be safe and healthy!


Hope to see you all soon! Butch Guenther, Secretary.